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Laika K9 Dog training

We all want our dogs to be a part of the family and the best part of our day! There's nothing better than coming home after a long, stressful day at work and seeing how happy your dog is to see you! But sometimes our dogs, and us humans, just need a little help. Sometimes we don't know how to handle certain behaviors that our dogs are doing, and most of the time, that means they don't know what the right behavior is either.

“TEACH YOU TO TRAIN YOUR OWN DOG”, is the goal that Smart dog trainers, sets itself with every pup and every dog that passes through the portals of its training school.

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  • >> Agility Training
  • >> Personal Guarding Training

Laika k9 plans vary from adding structure to daily routines, teaching and changing behavior, management, enrichment or anything else you need! I believe in the science-based positive reinforcement, force free, rewards based training. Training is a way of life and involves a shift in perspective and lifestyle.

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